I have always wanted an arena but never thought I would be in a position to have my own built. With this dream becoming a reality I made sure that I educated myself into what makes a good arena, I couldn’t afford to get it wrong, have it flood, freeze, be too deep, too dusty, too much recoil. We had spent everything on our property and the monies left over for the arena and stables were all we had left. I only had one chance to get it right.

I invited over 7 companies to visit the site and the whole process was enough to make you lose faith in being able to achieve your dreams!  I felt some were just trying to pull the wool over my eyes (but I had done my homework), Some saw our property and seeing ££ signs in their eyes gave ridiculous prices. Some I just didn’t like – always trust your gut, one was just asked to leave!

And then I met Craig at Midlands.

You know when you just get a good feeling? Craig didn’t talk down to me, was able to answer all of my questions and went above and beyond to take me to sites he had completed.

Throughout the whole build, Lewis (running the site) and the guys’ work ethic was outstanding! They were always on time, always went above and beyond, always listened to me and answered my questions. Consistently aware of their surroundings and considerate of the horses and the fact that this was our home.

For us, there is no other company. No matter how small a job in the future, Craig is always our first call point of call for first refusal.