We met Craig by chance when we were looking for a contractor to do the ground works for a small stable block. We had lined up three companies to quote and Midlands Horse Arenas was the last of the three. It was obvious from the first meeting that Craig was the one to go with – he clearly had a great deal of experience and knew more about what we needed than we did!

He and his team have consistently produced high quality work – from that first concrete pad and ground works, through driveways, a car park, and the simply stunning 60×30 arena, which is admired by everyone who comes to use it. As well as these and other major projects, Craig and his team do some of our field maintenance and all of our hedge cutting.

Our experience of Craig and the Midlands Horse Arenas team is that they know what they’re doing, they’re good at it and they take pride in doing it properly. They are willing to explain, to discuss and to take on and help develop ideas.  We can’t imagine finding a better team to work with.